Ebina Cordelia
3 min readOct 23, 2020


Picture Courtesy : Quora.com

An exile from Monotonous Life

Wow!!!!! What an adventure would it be? Actually, it is the need of the hour.

Imagine people blurting out the secrets you once shared with them thinking you are not around them!!It can actually bring out their true colors. It may turn your friends into foes and foes into friends. Come let’s have a sneak peak into this Invisible Me for a day.

I never ever imagined this situation in which I could see what didn’t see and hear what I didn’t hear. Alas!! this one day opened Pandora’s box. I became thin & invisible like the air. What an incredible weight I shook off from my soul? But the mind which weighed heavy was carried along with my invisible self. I was not able to shake it off.

I walked straight into my relative’s house to know what they speak about me. They were my top most priority as they are the one’s who often think of your shortfalls and think beyond your parents. Oh My !!!Really!!!

I could hear voices inside my head asking me “Who the hell talks about you?” I can see more gravediggers …….

I visited people who claim friends for me. Some were awesome real friends where as some were awful fake friends and some so-called friends with benefits. I was really amazed at the new developing stories about me which will make even God to pause and wonder at their parseltongue. Some even gave me a past which I don’t have.

I slipped into the houses of my loved ones to see them wishing good for me in spite of their distress.

Some cast shadows wherever they leave while some leave hope and halo wherever they tread. Are you a shadow or halo?

There were myriad selves locked inside a person which I was not aware of.

Shashi Deshpande says, “Life if its not a seamless whole, it’s still a whole, with stitches absorbed and invisible.”

I understood life with all its imperfections. I even found out the harsh truth of life. There is victim in every betrayer and a betrayer in every victim. Sometimes life is unfair to the fair ones and fair to the unfair ones.

We are living in the maddening chaos believing to be civilized. There are some petty life hacks we need to depend on based on what sustains you from the inside.

Mahatma Gandhi says “Happiness is when what you say what you think and what you do are in harmony.”

Try any one of these if you feel suffocated:

· Try developing a hobby of your own. You will feel better. Remember to choose the hobby that interests you.

· Try visiting new places. You never know the change your body needs.

· Try reading and re-reading books that keeps your minds refreshing.

· Try meeting your good old friends may be school and college friends. Only do try if they make you feel better or else just be fine with you.

· Listen to music which you love or try learning instruments. It may keep your worries at bay.

· Here comes the last and most difficult life hack — Stay away from negative people. Never ever let yourself down by their comments. Never give anyone the privilege to make you happy or sad.