Is Writing your Cup of Tea? Is Your Creative Self in Hibernation?

Ebina Cordelia
2 min readOct 21, 2020

Are you looking for a fresh start to explore freelancing? Do you want to try your content in this content driven world but really don’t know how to kick start? I would suggest you to attend the workshop on Content Vidhya.

Why Content Vidhya?

At first I was reluctant to join yet I pushed myself to sneak into their landing page. I was literally hooked and filled in my details and registered myself for the workshop.

The testimonials were captivating and assuring about the courses offered by them. As I moved on to the classes I was awestruck by the components offered by them. Every nuance of content writing and copywriting was discussed. Many details like how to search for hunches and how develop your own niche was covered with every detail. Before attending this course I never knew what a niche is. The writer’s block was removed and I was ready to kick start writing.

Why is freelancing the most driven Job?

In this content driven world if you are a good writer and has flare for reading and writing just grab your laptop and start creating a blog and post your stories. It is a comfy job at home and with your personal space you can go with it.

Your only investment would be a laptop or iPad and most importantly your time. After attending the content writing workshop I really fell in love with copywriting .If you want to try anything creative with contents provided you can switch on to copywriting.

Master of Content Writing

I must record my gratitude to Uma Madhavi for the knowledge she enriched with us. Her sessions were lively and she shared with us her experiences as a freelancer.

Uma Madhavi taught us the mantra of blogging — Write Like You Talk. She emphasized on the need to promote our blog and drive traffic to our blog. Daily assignments with deadlines were given so that we just don’t attend the session and left with her ideas.

Building Rapport with audience

It is just not enough to sell your own ideas. Just trigger the audience to come up with their own hunch.

The Q & A Sessions were slotted amidst her presentations so that we can close our queries during the sessions. Team Content Vidhya was very supportive throughout the week .They sorted out technical issues and willing to lend their helping hands .

Want to be a blogger? You are good to go with Content Vidhya!!!