Unlocking Myths about Underestimated Full-Time Moms

Ebina Cordelia
3 min readOct 23, 2020
Picture Courtesy: Parental control.com

Have you ever heard of SAHM(Stay At Home Mom)? Well the most underestimated job…nope…not even a job…duty.

Certain quotes like “A mother always sacrifices for her family” does not allow full time moms to be more human like others in the family. A full time Mom was always underestimated as the one who sits home idle and does not have the ability to get into a profession or not smart enough to manage both profession and family.

It is her choice

Everyone is free to choose the life they live and why not a full-time mom? Maybe it is her choice to be a hands-on mom for her kids. Certainly she would love to be a full time mom for kids or she may be left with no other options like no parents or in-laws to support her. Possibilities are there that she doesn’t trust nannies.

What do you do all day?

One hypothetical question faced by full time moms is what do they do all day? If you pose that question to a mom of a toddler, I would say heavens help you. One question I would like to pose to full time moms is that do you spend an hour a day hardly for you?

Emotional Void in full time moms

If you ask any full-time mom if they are happy being at home 70% or at least 50% would rather tell you how desperate they are to get back to their profession. Investing your too much on one thing or person for a long period of time will drain you physically and emotionally.

Peer pressure from society and family

A full-time mom is always not treated on par with working moms. At Least a working mom gets her time off from her family to be with her own community. A working mom has all privileges to spend money and time of her own, to doll up and go for parties leaving behind their children at home.

Branded as unworthy to make money

While a working mom is always viewed as a goddess striving for her family, a full-time mom is often branded as lazy, couch potato, not worldly wise and so on. There is also increasing pressure from her family or spouse to take up a career so that the family enjoys butter on both sides of the bread.

Many research studies revealed that more stay-at-home moms reported experiencing sadness or anger in their day than moms who worked outside of the home. A woman who invests her time on her family is not always welcomed or revered as a working mom. There are many families who support their daughters in law or daughters to have a balanced professional life and personal life. It is also true that not everyone has the luxury of choosing between staying home or working.

Research data can be true but it doesn’t apply to every family. No research can have a sneak peek into your life. Make a decision which is right for you and your family and shun judging outsiders. So also never judge a working woman for who knows she may want to be a full time mom. She may also have stepped out to put food on the table.

Hey just let me know what you feel about SAHM.